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I would like to have an advance filtering and sorting mechanisme. How do other people feel about it and how do the makers feel about it?

I would like to filter on:

  • tags (and/or)
  • If questions are closed
  • If questions are negative (downvoted)
  • If questions have an accepted answer.
  • If questions have no answer.
  • If questions have an answer of myself (or better: does NOT have an answer of me)

If would like to sort:

  • On date (newest / oldest)
  • Polularity (number of upvotes)
  • Number of answers

In the overviews I also would like to see:

  • If questions are closed (with a symbol, like a red cross, not [closed])
  • If questions have an accepted answer (green tick)
  • If I have already added an answer.
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I believe the search bar already allows you to do most of that - if you learn how to use it. –  Mysticial Apr 28 '13 at 8:15
For the last three points, you could probably make a userscript that does exactly that. –  slhck Apr 28 '13 at 8:15
Sound great. I understand there is no user friendly form to fill out? –  Martin Mulder Apr 28 '13 at 8:27

1 Answer 1

tags (and/or)


If questions are closed


If questions are negative (downvoted)

Not possible with the search. You can search for score ≥ 0 or any positive integer. You might be able to write a feature request to have that changed, although I honestly don't see the point in searching for negatively scored questions.


If questions have an accepted answer.


If questions have no answer.


If questions have an answer of myself (or better: does NOT have an answer of me)


For the inverse and anything else, you can use the Stack Exchange Data Explorer.

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