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I love the idea of Stack Overflow. Particularly the focus on the question and answer, with discussion being secondary.

Are there other similar sites you frequent when there are no new questions here to answer?


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@Gordon Wilson Are you looking for programming questions? or other topics? – tucson Feb 6 '10 at 8:36
"no new questions here to answer"? Surely you jest. – Ether Feb 6 '10 at 18:51
dupe on stackoverflow:… – Gordon Gustafson May 1 '10 at 16:05
@CrazyJugglerDrummer: Your reference link is not found... – Abdul Rahman Dec 30 '12 at 0:30

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You could try Experts Exchange if you feel like getting ripped off.

In fact, wasn't the annoyance factor of EE the catalyst for the creation of

That was the only other one I could think of. But, I don't feel like getting ripped off. ; ) – Gordon Wilson Oct 5 '08 at 23:35
If you Google for something and it returns an Experts Exchange link, you can click it and scroll to the bottom to see the answers. – Slapout Oct 6 '08 at 0:13
Regardless of the skill of the surgeon, I'm perfectly happy with my gender, thank you. (I'll get my coat) – Dan Oct 6 '08 at 0:27
You are correct...I've been tempted for a while now! – Saif Khan Oct 6 '08 at 0:38
Clicking the cached link in a Google search also gives you the answers at the bottom - they still look obfuscated up top but there's some goodness if you stick with the scrolling. I think it has something to do with the cookies not being there in the cached version... – Knobloch Oct 22 '08 at 12:48
@Knobloch - actually it's more about getting those free google advertising hits (er, search results) - they give away the answers hidden at the bottom (though visible) and fool the unwary into thinking they have to sign up to see them. – Erik Forbes Dec 2 '08 at 19:46
Jeff & Joel started SO to give us a free & open alternative to Experts Exchange – user Feb 23 '12 at 23:31

Usenet. The original. Discussion, sure, but lots of good answers too.

Via Google Groups. Start with C# and Java, if so inclined.


I kinda like they have a great community there.


Good: , broad topics, not just programming and web dev, but many other computer issues. Worth checking out. Daniweb and dev shed are both very broad computer sites, taking questions on software design, hardware, web development, etc. No tutorial submissions. IMHO their forums are a little messed up, but CP's main "point" is posting articles that you write about coding. Its definitely the most popular site for this, and you aren't limited to just tutorials, "articles" encompass a broader range. I recommend using SO for questions and codeproject for tutorials; you won't need to go anywhere else. programming and web dev help, large site. They have a nice tutorial submission mechanism, but codeproject's is much bigger. You can't edit your posts after 2 days, you're only hope to moderate the site is to be promoted by the owner, which barely ever happens, no up or down votes, not a very good rep system. little smaller than the others, been around for awhile. hands down best programming site in spanish

Nothing special:

There are some websites that are web development only only (just server side and client side technologies, no software development) These have a narrower view and tend to have more focus on web development and more posts about it.

Web dev sites:

There are many sites that are specifically directed at one language or technology. Tons of these sites exist, though they are usually smaller but have more focused scope. I will only list a few here as they are extremely easy to find through search engines.

java: sun forums

C# csharpfriends

PHP phpfreaks


We've created an Open Source implementation of StackOverflow which we're using as our primary forums/support mechanism which can be found here...

very cool. good luck w/the project. – Gordon Wilson Dec 2 '08 at 20:17

The stackexchange sites.

You can find a list here:

Each site focuses on a specific subject.

As of a few days ago, no longer exists. All URLs redirect to the MSO main page. – Pops Mar 3 '11 at 23:13
Just what I was looking for. Thanks ! – Chris Dec 23 '12 at 19:46

WikiAnswers. Not only because the site pays my salary.

share covers real-world questions and answers, but the occasional programming question shows up.


I find myself hopping over to MSDN forums and community.


I used to frequent the Big Moose Saloon over at Java Ranch before SO opened to beta testers. As the name implies, though, it's focus is Java programmers.


The new Q&A forum for Google Talk looks like it drew some inspiration from Stack Overflow. It has voting on questions (although everything is date sorted), and the asker can mark an answer as "Best Answer" (although ask Metafilter has had that for a long time). The blog post announcing it says:

The Google Help Forum also keeps track of how active a user is in the Forum. For example, you can see who is a Google Employee, top contributor, seasoned poster, or new poster.

So it sounds like it's got a basic form of reputation similar to other forms of forum software.


Yahoo answers isn't too bad once you filter out the trash.

Are you kidding!!! – user Feb 23 '12 at 23:31

Doctype is Stack Overflow for web designers.

Fluther is Stack Overflow for everything.

And of course there's always Ask Metafilter.


Untroubler looks promising, but still has a rather small user base.


Oh yeah, also Kuandr is based in the same principle, but for lifestyle related topics.


I found this audio-recording-question-and-answer site to be one of the few decent replications of the Stack Overflow technology.

-- And it looks better.

no bias here, though.. heh – Jeff Atwood Feb 6 '10 at 8:23

There are tons of website like . There is already a great post about same topic check it out. Stack Overflow clones


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