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There are currently 195 questions tagged with . Per the tag wiki:

NewtonSoft is a software label by James Newton-King, author of the JSON.NET object serialization library.

However, all of those questions are not asking anything about the software label, per se, but rather asking about the product: JSON.Net.

Do we still need the tag, or can we merge all of existing questions tagged "newtonsoft" into the tag ?

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I'll abstain since I'm biased. – Dave Newton May 2 '13 at 16:10
@DaveNewton Okay. – Emrakul May 2 '13 at 16:11
Right, here are all the results of all questions in the tag that are not tagged 'json' or ''. Not sure how/if it helps the point, but here it is!… – It'sNotALie. May 2 '13 at 16:44
Burn it down, i have already suggested this as a synonym. but there are only two votes until now. Go and support it. – Jehof May 3 '13 at 4:17

I support the burnination.

For one, I've ruled out a lot of the questions with this:

Now, for the rest: (excuse the length, SO has no folding tag)

How to access elements of a JArray: JArray = Json.NET.

dynamic objects in WinPhone8: The dynamic objects are Json.NET.

Silverlight File Not Found System.Runtime.Serialization on Deserialization from Newtonsoft: JsonConvert => Json.NET

TypeNameHanling in Newtonsoft requires $type to be the first property?: Doesn't SEEM like Json at a glance, but answers metion it so I assume it is.

Parse and filter javascript array: Completely JSON.Net.

Custom impromptuobject for deserialization: JObject = Json.NET.

twitter API with MonoDevelop and C#: Newtonsoft.Json => Json.NET

Separate projects in the same solution. "The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly reference": RavenDB uses Json.NET.

How to correctly model loosely-typed properties in RavenDB: RavenDB uses Json.NET.

missing a using directive or an assembly reference issue after deploying an ASP.NET "Website": using statement question including Json.NET.

Why is selenium producing this error?: FileLoadException details indicate a Json.NET requirement.

how to get newtonsoft to deserialize yes and no to boolean: Obvious JSON.

Use different versions of dll file in one app: Problems with two different libraries depending on Json.NET.

Add additional References when compliling code at runtime: Uses LINQ to JSON.

Return some fields from ASP.NET Web API: JSON response.

Error when updating Twitter status with Twitterizer: Json.NET error.

Newtonsoft ignore attributes?: Json.NET.

And lastly, if it is accepted, questions to retag (I'm not sure if retagging is done automatically on burnination):

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