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Is there a reliable source for the latest number of page-views receives (not the Stack Exchange network, just that site)?

I need a source that I can cite on my research paper.

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Perhaps the most accurate figure would be the one reported by Stack exchange itself.

For example, SO currently reports 5.5 million visits per day:

(Click for larger image) SO traffic stats

So, that would be roughly 5.5 * 365.25 / 12, or 167 million visits per month.
Caution: Stack Exchange reports "median" figures!? Median can be misleading for stats like this, as opposed to the mean or average.

Also note that sites link Quantcast, Alexis, and even Google analytics are blocked by many user's Adblock and script-blocking extensions. (The reported stats never agree with my server logs.)

See, also: Google Analytics and Quantcast seem to disagree rather wildly on traffic numbers

Update: At last report (3 years ago), Jeff said that SE's traffic stats come from the Google Analytics API.

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You can find aggregate traffic statistics for all Stack Exchange sites on Quantcast.

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+1 - for quick snapshots that dont require Google Analytics, we usually look at Quantcast internally. – Jaydles May 14 '13 at 3:18

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