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I recently (3/4 days ago) logged into meta for the first time in a long time, and my account was unified in with my other accounts.

Merged accounts don't show correct post count on network profile? seems very similar; reports no questions or answers (I think; that figure seems qualified) while reports one question and one answer.

There have been a number of why-is-my-question-count-zero bugs lodged, by they seem to be all caused by a one-off historic processing error.

This may be a duplicate of Wrong question and answer count at Accounts tab on SE but the problem doesn't seem to be still occurring for that particular user.

Edit: Having now asked a question on meta, the question count went up on both pages. The answer count is unaffected.

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I read at Stack Exchange accounts overview does not count posts associated with accounts registered after migration that adding a post of the same type as is problematic (Question or Answer) fixes everything.

Edit: And it does. Totally a bug.

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