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The new Careers 2.0 Company Pages is a great idea and a great feature and opportunity for companies to showcase their work environment. In that page we see a slider (that of the "Who uses Careers 2.0 Company Pages?" section) that automatically switches to the next two companies after a few seconds, a common behavior of sliders. However, there is something very important that the slider lacks: control.

I find it very inconvenient to just wait for the next two companies to show. I'm pretty sure that would also be the case for others using that page. What I want to have is a simple next/previous control or those clickable bullet thingies that enables us to choose which slide is to be shown.

I think this would be a very good improvement to the usability of the page, therefore also improving user experience.

ADDITIONAL 1: "Pausing" the slider is not that of a problem for it automatically halts to the current slide whenever the slider is hovered.

ADDITIONAL 2: This is mostly in response to @djechlin's first comment (thank you for pointing that out). By adding control to the slider, we enable the slider to serve two types of audiences at the same time: those who want control and those who are willing to wait for the next slide to show. We're missing something that control-freaks (and the impatient) want. By giving them the control, we can therefore serve their needs without sacrificing the kind of usability that the other type of users need.

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Maybe not, forcing the user to heed attention for a couple seconds before next-ing through is not necessarily bad UX. – djechlin May 21 '13 at 3:24
@djechlin Careers 2.0 is made with programmers as the primary audience, and a site must consider what its audience needs. Programmers, in our very nature, wants control. And control is a feature that that slider needs. – Mark Garcia May 21 '13 at 3:27
The review queues limit even on skips, you must wait 2 days before answering your own question, 10 minutes before accepting your own answer, etc. But the review queue is most relevant. It does indeed force a pause. – djechlin May 21 '13 at 3:29

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