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See for example this user profile. The only post I saw from this user on meta was this (10k+ only).

This user's profile page on Meta and Stack Overflow shows the website as plain text and not a hyperlink - this is by design, and fine in this case. But the profile page on Stack Exchange shows a real clickable link.

Another example I salvaged from my flags history - this is an old user, so it's not a matter of caching any potential rep.

This is sort of inconsistent, I think the website link should also be plain text on Stack Exchange for users with no rep at all anywhere.

At least part of the Stack Exchange profile page on are indexed by Google, as well as the site profiles. But the link is marked nofollow (regardless of rep). So it might be less than a problem than I thought.

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Why? It would be better to have possibility to flag profile as spam. At best to invoice the operator of spam site for the time the users spent with their marketing. – Danubian Sailor May 22 '13 at 8:47
@ŁukaszLech: that's orthogonal. Website links aren't links anywhere for new users, except on Stack Exchange. That's a good thing and should be extended to Stack Exchange IMO. Flagging profiles is something else completely (and has already been requested/suggested). – Mat May 22 '13 at 8:49
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That's part of new user restrictions which for some reason is not documented.

User with up to 10 reputation, including 10 rep will have the link as plain text. Example.
User with 11 or more reputation will have the link clickable. Example.

The network profile doesn't have reputation of its own.

I think you are correct though, I suggest that unless the user has at least one account with more than 10 reputation, the link will be plain text.

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