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This just bugs me everytime I want to check for a column name:

enter image description here

Why? Posts and Users are so important that they must appears first? Id is an important column, no doubt. But seriously, when we seek a column name, it is generally not for the Id spelling!

It takes me hours to find the right column spelling.

This would be so awesome if you made these lists alphabetically ordered!

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Hours? There's like 15 tables with descriptive names, and none of the are more than ~20 columns wide. – Mat May 22 '13 at 16:24
Ok, maybe minutes... At least seconds for sure :) – Cyril Gandon May 22 '13 at 17:26

Posts and Users are so important that they must appears first?

Well, yeah, they're pretty import tables...As far as the columns go, they're just listed in the order that they appear in the database schema.

However, I don't think that being able to sort the list alphabetically is such a terrible idea, so I've gone ahead and submitted a commit to allow this with a toggle button in the header:

sorting button on schema

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