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A moderator election just finished up on math.SE. Eager to find out who won, right after the election closed I followed the given directions:

enter image description here

I opened the OpenSTV program, loaded the election data file, chose "Meek STV", and... hmm...

enter image description here

enter image description here

What is "ballot cleaning"? "Precision"? "Threshold"? I have no idea what any of these things do, and what appears to be the only relevant meta.SO page doesn't say which of the 336 combinations of options I should set.

Yes, the program has defaults - but are those defaults how the SE team computes the official results?

Yes, I bet these settings would rarely affect the outcome - but if an election ever occurs where they do matter, it puts the SE team in the awkward position of having to decide which options to use when they are able to see how their decision is going to affect the outcome.

Adding a completely unambiguous description of how election votes are being counted should be a simple fix that might prevent a big headache in the future.

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We use the MeekSTV method and the default options.

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Great, thanks for the clarification! – Zev Chonoles May 22 '13 at 20:28

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