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Two days ago, I was going through the list of SE chat rooms to find some funny/weird stuff. In the end, I wasn't disappointed. Some of the rooms I found were Aww! and Prayer Room.

How did the bug happen?

I went to a lot of rooms and then after I finished I clicked "leave (all)" and I successfully logged out of all the rooms.

I went to my usual room (The DMZ) only to see that I'm still in that "Aww!" room.


What have I tried?

I've tried clearing my cookies, manually logging out of the room, clearing my cache, using another computer, clicking "leave", clicking "leave (all)", clicking on the little up arrow next to the room's name (the room disappears, and comes back after a few seconds).

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Letting the cuteness get the better of you, are we? – BoltClock's a Unicorn May 23 '13 at 14:20
just to be clear, "leave" and "all" are two different links. – Xarcell May 23 '13 at 17:22
@Xarcell That's why I said clicking "leave", clicking "leave (all)" – Adnan May 23 '13 at 17:25
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All of a sudden, while I was in a chat room, the "Aww!" room disappeared as if I clicked the arrow next to its name.

It's been like that for 7 hours, I think it has fixed itself.

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