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This doesn't seem like a useful tag to me, as the word priority is used in many different contexts. Most of the questions seem to fall into one of three categories:

  • Priority queues

    These are questions about the implementation or use of priority queues as a data structure.

    Some questions are tagged + . These should be retagged to

  • Operator precedence

    Although the correct term is precedence, some people seem to misuse the word priority for it anyway.

    Again, some of these can easily be identified from the combination + . These should be retagged to .

  • Scheduling priority

    There are several questions about the scheduling priority of processes or threads.

    There is a tag we could retag to, but I'm not sure that tag is all that useful. I suggest we instead retag to or if they do not already have these tags.

The other uses of priority seem to be mostly one-offs that don't really need any such tag. In these cases we can simply remove it.

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