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Looking at the tag wiki for , I read the following:

A member is an element of an object in the object-oriented programming paradigm. Member variables are often called fields, while member functions are also called methods.

For , I read the following:

This tag refers to members of a class in object-oriented language. These are fields, constructors, destructors, methods and, usually in higher-level languages, properties and events.

Should the tags be merged, or does the latter refers to what in some programming languages are static methods/properties?

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I'd say no.

  • Not all languages that have members have classes—e.g. JavaScript.

  • Some languages with classes also have members on objects that are not classes—e.g. struct's in C#.

So while they're very close, they are not quite identical. If you wanted to ask a question about enumerating the members of an object in JavaScript, you definitely would not use the tag.

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I'd say they should be merged. While they are technically different, as pswg points out, is the superset of , and looking at how many questions are tagged versus it's obvious that is much more commonly used.

Even though the more common tags (like ) have class members, is not used for most related questions. There also aren't very many instances where having two tags would be helpful; seems like it would make it clear what the question is concerned with, and having more tags is not very helpful in this case.

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