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Looking at the tag wiki for , I read the following:

A member is an element of an object in the object-oriented programming paradigm. Member variables are often called fields, while member functions are also called methods.

For , I read the following:

This tag refers to members of a class in object-oriented language. These are fields, constructors, destructors, methods and, usually in higher-level languages, properties and events.

Should the tags be merged, or does the latter refers to what in some programming languages are static methods/properties?

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I'd say no.

  • Not all languages that have members have classes—e.g. JavaScript.

  • Some languages with classes also have members on objects that are not classes—e.g. struct's in C#.

So while they're very close, they are not quite identical. If you wanted to ask a question about enumerating the members of an object in JavaScript, you definitely would not use the tag.


I'd say they should be merged. While they are technically different, as pswg points out, is the superset of , and looking at how many questions are tagged versus it's obvious that is much more commonly used.

Even though the more common tags (like ) have class members, is not used for most related questions. There also aren't very many instances where having two tags would be helpful; seems like it would make it clear what the question is concerned with, and having more tags is not very helpful in this case.


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