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Today I had two (ancient) questions of mine closed as 'off topic'. Both relate to Debian packaging mechanics.

I don't really care so much that these question were closed; after this much time, they're not likely to get answers, not to mention I've moved on from those problems with other work-arounds. So I'm really only asking for the sake of future possible questions.

I was clearly under the impression that questions on the mechanics of building packages were on-topic, as they relate to programming, although admittedly a somewhat narrow aspect of programming.

If they are off-topic on SO, are they on-topic somewhere else?

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The Help Center does list:

  • software tools commonly used by programmers

with the intent being software tools which are used by programmers, for programming-related tasks.

I think both of these questions are on-topic, since they're both programming-related questions about programming-relevant software. I would vote to reopen them if I hadn't been too lazy the past few weeks to push above 3k.

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