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I have a feature request question, but no one came along and said "declined", does that mean it is still up in the air? What is the process. I still think it is worth bringing up, especially after clarification of the question via another persons comment.

Is there a specific process to follow or does my question just disappear into a black hole?

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A member of the dev team will come by and slap on a nice red status-declined, status-deferred, status-planned or status-completed tag on it.

I couldn't tell you why it hasn't happened yet, I'd assume the devs frequently browse the feature-request tags unless they're too busy as it is.

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Is there a particular timeframe or does it just depend on how much attention a request got? – Breadtruck Aug 27 '09 at 22:09
See edit. I couldn't tell you how the dev team decides when to start focusing on new requests. – Brandon Aug 27 '09 at 22:10

Jeff answered this question extremely well right here. Progress is based on the number of votes a request has received. Bug fixes are however a priority over this. Since there is no votes at the moment for your particular request, I don't think it is current in the running for implementation, and the transfer of reputation request have all been declined to date.

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