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I just noticed this:

enter image description here

When you got a notification on Area51, this happens (for me, on firefox 21.0):

  1. The banner feeds in, totally red

  2. After completing the fading effect, the bar turns blue - except for the text. This is the state as can be viewed in the image.

  3. When the window loses focus, the bar turns totally red.

Is this a bug for StackExchange or is my browser doing something wrong? This occurs also with all add-ons and user scripts disabled.

Easily reproducable: logout from Area51 but not from whole SE, then go back to Area51 and reload the page. You get a "Welcome back"-message now, which shows the same bug.

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Probably bugs from it not being maintained. Slidey was removed from the rest of sites on the network a while ago, but was never dealt with on Area 51 because of their plans to ditch that site in favor of a new process. – animuson Jun 7 '13 at 16:42

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