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On Stack Overflow's site there is the tag for microsoft's XNA framework & there is also the tag

XNA version 4.0 is:

  • the only version with its own tag
  • the version that's been most-recent for several years
  • the only officially supported version
  • the final version of XNA (discontinued by microsoft)

and the tag has significantly less followers and potential helpers than the main tag

There's no reason for to exist as a tag: All tagged items should be just tagged as .

As I've a low rep on Stack Overflow, I came here to request that be fixed (Set as a synonym for )

If that's not going to happen, why is it that tags like this should continue to exist?

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Version tags add useful information in a concise way. Tagging a question with xna and xna-4.0 saves an entire sentence ("I am using XNA version 4.0") in the question body and can be used to indicate that you are using a feature that is unique to that version. – George Cummins Jun 14 '13 at 4:12
@George - a good point (for similar issues), but doesn't outweigh the problems. Also ignores the fact that if you're using XNA, you're using XNA 4.0... there is no reason to ever use a different version... and if you somehow find one, it's a rare enough case that it should be marked with at least a full sentence. (4.0 users don't need to say anything, using 4.0 is the assumption.) – mcmonkey4eva Jun 14 '13 at 4:46