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Just got a notification that someone from a Wordpress site linked to an old article of mine. Upon investigation, I realized it was because a content scraper ripped off my StackOverflow question from here: Workaround to prevent Facebook "Like" cross-domain error?

and put it up here: http://techforumnetwork.com/techqns/workaround-to-prevent-facebook-like-cross-domain-error-2/

Although I know content scraping questions have been asked before (i.e.: Is developerquestion.com just a ripoff?), is the team actually monitoring this? TechForumNetwork.com obviously has failed the "attribution required" test. I do feel uncomfortable that my questions are being reposted with my username across the net without knowing the implications.

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Stack Exchange only monitors scraping that does not follow the required attribution rules (/legal, sec.3). Such violators should be reported here.

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