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If person A writes a post, person B makes a comment asking for a clarification, and somebody (could be person A but could be person C) edits the post, shouldn't person B be given a note that the post was edited?

I see this pattern pretty often where someone asks for a clarification but doesn't show up after the post is edited. Some people proactively send comments that @-message those commentators but I wonder if it should be done automatically.

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I quite often want to mark my interest in a question more than the current "favourite" does. Often I recheck a question several times when what I actually want is to notified if anything (other than voting) changes – Richard Tingle Jun 28 '13 at 13:28
If this gets implemented, I think I'll actually start commenting on the posts I downvote :-) – Jan Dvorak Jun 28 '13 at 14:01
You may be interested in The votes tab in the user profile should track posts. – AndrewC Jun 28 '13 at 19:40
+1 I found this when coming here to suggest the same thing. This would be especially useful on questions where you've left a comment on the question asking for clarification because you want to come back and answer it once the question is edited (in an ideal world the OP would leave a comment that says "edited", but of course that is rare). I was also going to suggest a "watch" feature as an alternative. – Jason C Aug 7 '13 at 17:48

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In my preferences, favourites is for tracking questions I have a personal interest in, and I don't like putting questions that need work in that list, partly because I want it to be full of interesting and useful stuff, and partly because I don't like to give a star to a question that needs work.

Proposal 1: track this like it's mine

Maybe this could be achieved with a "track this" button, whereby a Q or A you track puts something into your inbox, much as you would get notified if your own question/answer was edited or commented upon.

Advantages: may be straightforward to implement, by editing the code that notifies the poster of changes to look up a list of interested users.

Disadvantages: some people may fill their inbox with noise and start ignoring it or getting grumpy. You'd probably still need a list anyway so you could review and unfollow.

Proposal 2: watch like favourites, but less fondly

Maybe this could be achieved with a "Watched" list similar to but separate from the favourites list, consisting of questions where you have a comment with a questionmark.

If your question is answered, you can delete the comment to stop following the question, thus clearing up the comments in the process.

The list would show a change when a new comment is added or the question is edited (some OPs answer comments in comments rather than edit the question).

There would be no star or visible sign the question/answer was being watched.

Advantages: Re-use of existing favourites code

Disadvantages: People will be confused about why there are two ways to do essentially the same thing

[Feel free to comment with further advantages and disadvantages, or indeed with which you think is best.]

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I like Proposal 1 better. For one, the post would be less cluttered with comments (since Proposal 2 relies on leaving comment to "activate" tracking); secondly sometimes I downvote without leaving comment (because sometimes there's already an existing comment which describes what I feel). Proposal 1's method would let me track it even without leaving a comment. A possible complication but cool feature would be specifying a period of time for tracking, sort of like I'll wait for 1 week (for example) for the post to be improved, if it's improved, I'll reverse the downvote (second chance) – Old Checkmark Jun 28 '13 at 16:14

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