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When a post gets bumped to the top of active tab due to a new bounty, the "modified" timestamp should link to the bounty message.

Background: New Community Review badges post was bumped to the top in active tab and it took a bit of research to find out what actually caused this bump. I was expecting that clicking on the modified link would show me what got updated. There were no new answers and no edits to question or existing answers. I checked the timeline, didn't help. Since the edit timestamp of the question was not recent so checking revisions didn't cross my mind. By chance I saw the date on the bounty message and figured that adding bounty bumped the post.

So, I believe that clicking on "modified" link should somehow show the bounty message or bring it into the viewable area.

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A userscript of mine should help you in this case - you don't have to click the link to find out what causes the bump. – Antony Jul 4 '13 at 15:14

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