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Which Stack Exchange site is best for AutoCAD questions like using Blender for graphical design?

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Blender – Daniel Pendergast Aug 8 '14 at 14:33

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I don't see a site for AutoCAD.

For Blender, you can use this site: http://blender.stackexchange.com/

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There are 26 questions labeled cad on SuperUser.

There are 142 questions labeled on Stack Overflow, and 297 labeled .

Looks like Stack Overflow has the better chance of getting you an answer. I don't know if that's 'appropriate' de jure, but de facto it would seem like your best bet.

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Currently there is no SE site specific for Autocad, but you can support the CAD website proposal in Area 51.

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CAD deserves its own page on stack exchange and its your responsibility as a user to see it through.

The first CAD post on Area 51 here fizzled out and got closed because of not meeting some goal for some deadline. There is a new CAD proposal here that desperately needs YOUR support. Please create an SE Area 51 account and Follow/Commit this A51 post to see it through.

gis.stackexchange.com exists, cad.stackexchange.com deserves to exist too. 3D printing is upon us and I think the audience is big enough to support a forum. Be sure to upvote my example questions! :)

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Also contact this guy: jericson@stackexchange.com and ask him to merge the original post with the existing post because the new CAD proposal's account's 13 "Followers" could definitely use the old one's 63. – boulder_ruby Jan 24 at 21:03

I agree with boulder_ruby, A Stack Exchange for CAD would be a big plus. Many online sites already exist for CAD. However, the Stack Exchange mechanism seems to generally work better. I am not working with CAD of late. However, back when I was doing AutoCAD, a Stack Exchange site would have been very useful. Same holds for SketchUp.

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