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My apologies if this question has already been asked, but I could not find one related to this. If it is a duplicate I will delete my question.

I have observed in StackOverflow that, at least lately, there are major differences between the number of questions shown for a given tag in the Tags page and the number of questions you see when filtering questions by the same tag.

Some random examples from today:

  • Python: 202229 questions in Tags page and has 203070 questions tagged. Today 343 questions were asked.
  • Security: 21419 questions in Tags page and has 22791 questions tagged. Today 21 questions were asked.
  • HTML5: 37172 questions in Tags page and has 37418 questions tagged. Today 95 questions were asked.
  • Delphi: 21555 questions in Tags page and has 21626 questions tagged. Today 16 questions were asked.

I guess that tag statistics are not real-time but calculated daily (nightly?) so that would account for a relatively small difference but not all of it.

Can anyone explain this behaviour?

Thanks and best regards

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If it is a duplicate I will delete my question. Please don't delete it but vote/flag to close the question. Now to your question, I believe that caching has to do something with this. It may not be feasible to keep all the stats up-to-date. There could be a scheduled job which run at fixed intervals to update the latest counts. –  Aziz Shaikh Jul 11 '13 at 7:24

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