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This happens in Firefox 3.0.10 Ubuntu.


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This most likely is related to a few other css bugs on SOFU on non-windows platforms.

The most commonly noticed is on the login page.

Its because SOFU uses ems for the width of text fields, but the default font is MS Trebuchet, that most likely isn't available in your system, so the site falls back to Helvetica (hider than Trebuchet) or BitStream Vera Serif/Deja Vu Serif (even wider) or one of those.

This problem appears on both Linux/BSD and OS X.

Try installing the liberation fonts or msttcorefonts (that has Trebuchet), or live with it for the time being, as it doesn't appear to be a concern for the dev team on the short term.

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This also happens in Safari (with the normal font size, so it's not my fault):

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It seems SO defines that input box as a fixed size rather than giving it a pixel width.

That works fine for IE on Windows with default DPI and font size settings. It also seems to work on Chrome. But Firefox seems to use a larger default font than IE. You can also change it which will affect it.

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