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I've just seen a user profile page which contains the following text:

Donations are welcome via Paypal. Paypal account is the same as my email address.

There's no context to suggest this has anything to do with supporting the user's favourite cause - it's a direct request for money.

Is this acceptable?

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He just copied and pasted the text from his website where he developed a tool it seems – juan Jul 29 '13 at 19:33
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No one is making you give that user money.

As long as it is not against the Terms of Service, anything goes on personal user profiles.

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Sure. Some users have Amazon Wish Lists in their profile. Nobody is forcing you to donate/pay/buy anything. If you feel generous enough to reward someone for their help, go right ahead. If not, feel free to ignore it.

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I feel this same question can be applied to any answer someone posts as a response to a question... You don't have to apply the solution that was offered.

"Solicitation" is something done actively, if a user asks you for money in exchange for his help, that would be a problem.

In effect, this website encourages users to Solicit each other for votes in exchange for answers, which is perfectly acceptable.

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