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Where can I ask questions related to programming logic and what is really happening behind the scenes.

For example: the jQuery .focus() method is supposed to work with form elements only, but its even working with div tags. I want to know how this is possible, and what the logic behind this is.

Would these types of questions be appropriate for Stack Overflow? Or is there another site where I should ask?

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Stack Overflow is a good place to ask that. According to their own about page you should ask about:

  • Specific programming problems
  • Software algorithms
  • Coding techniques
  • Software development tools

That looks like an specific programming problem to me. Also if you're not sure how to, check here how to write a good question!

Golden rules I always try to follow:

  • Always try to add some code or at least a description what you have tried. In this case a jsfiddle of what's happening would be great.
  • Focus on your problem. What did you do? What did you expect to happen? What's happening instead?
  • Avoid greetings and abbreviations. Sentences like "gr8! thx rly u rock! lolz :)." are not welcome.
  • Tag it properly. In most cases you won't need to ask "How to do something using jquery? You ask How to do something? and add the JQuery tag.
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Stack Overflow would be the appropriate place for these types of questions, as long as they meet our general guidelines. Essentially, the question must:

  • describe the problem in detail
  • be reasonably scoped
  • (ideally) provide a simple, self-contained example that reproduces the problem/situation described

As long as you ask an actual question (e.g., "Why does x do y in the case of z?"), you're perfectly fine.

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so is the above question fit to be asked on Stack Overflow? – user92961 Jul 31 '13 at 10:18
Yes, it would be fine. That's the whole point of my answer. And to give you some tips on how to ask it. – Cody Gray Aug 1 '13 at 7:47

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