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I looked at: How to ask / vote for a tag synonym to be removed?

However, either I cannot intuitively figure it out, I don't have access (11k rep?) or it doesn't exist.

I'm trying to create a new tag for RazorEngine which is independent of ASP.Net Razor, as the RazorEngine does not require ASP.Net to function.

I see is a synonym for , so how do I remove it as a synonym? I'd like to tag Using-Statement in RazorEngine (without the HtmlHelper from MVC) with .

I'd probably update the to:

Razor is a template language that supports seamless transitions between HTML markup and C# or VB code. Transitions between markup and code are indicated by the "@" sign. It is used by ASP.NET Web Pages and ASP.NET MVC (since version 3), but does not require ASP.NET.

and for , probably:

RazorEngine is a parsing engine that allows robust templates using Razor syntax (independent of ASP.NET).

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We wouldn't want people to accidentally try shaving with an engine, would we? – Emrakul Aug 13 '13 at 6:35

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I knocked out the synonym and retagged your question. You may want to suggest a tag wiki for this new tag so the community doesn't take it out again and it can stand on its own.

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