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Mathematica is a graduated site that has had an election.

Why is it not on, and when will it be added?

Eighteen months have passed and no reply. Is the elections site currently maintained?

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It'll be added the next time it has an election*. The site reads a network-wide list of meta posts looking for new elections and adds sites as it comes across them, since there's no way to get that information via the API.

Eighteen months have passed and no reply

Uhh yeah. I remember having this question open in a tab a while ago and…never answered, for some reason. Sorry!

*But if you really have your heart set on it showing up, I can probably manually enter the data

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Thanks for the explanation. No need for the data on my account. I just want to make sure Mathematica gets equal treatment. :-) – Mr.Wizard Feb 23 '15 at 21:06
The problem is obviously that you're all too-effective moderators and haven't had a need for a new election this whole time! ;) – Tim Stone Feb 23 '15 at 21:15

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