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The tag description states the following:

It is recommended to use the following tags appropriately:

  • Use the tag on questions referring to the Python based framework
  • Use the tag on questions referring to the Objective-C based framework
  • Use the tag on questions referring to the C++ based cross-platform framework
  • Use the tag on questions referring to the JavaScript based framework
  • Use the tag on questions referring to the Java based frameworks

Don't use any of the above tags together in the same question, unless your question refers to more than one Cocos2D engine. For example, if you ask "How to port from Cocos2d for iPhone to cocos2d-x?" you should include both and tags.

Cocos2d was originally written for Python. However, the cocos2d-iphone subproject has gained more popularity than its parent.

Very few people are aware of this and most of users tag the questions as because they think the iOS version is the original cocos2d.

Renaming to would help in avoiding this kind of mistagging.

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I understand the logic behind the name change, but you can't just rename it off the bat. The problem is that there are going to be a ton of questions tagged "cocos2d" that don't refer to the python framework--that's the exact point you're making, after all. So first you'd have to go through the 4,582 questions tagged "cocos2d" and retag the relevant questions to the proper sub-tag.

I have to admit I'd have thought the cocos2d tag would be for the iPhone version too, so I can see the logic behind changing this tag. But there's a log of work to be done retagging those questions before this is feasible. The first 10 questions tagged cocos2d all (at a glance) appear to be about cocos2d-iphone. So there's a lot of legwork here before this is feasible.

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Yeah, that's an important thing to have in my mind, thanks for pointing it out. However, I'd say that the current situation is that the majority of cocos2d tags are in reality cocos2d-iphone or other (I'd be surprised if more than 10% were actually cocos2d-python questions). So, maybe one could merge cocos2d with cocos2d-iphone instead (because cocos2d-python already exists). – Ricardo Sánchez-Sáez Aug 12 '13 at 9:08
Another solution I can think of is: leave all cocos2d tags like they are, but change the cocos2d tag description so it is a cross-platform general one (and keep a separate cocos2d-python for cocos2d's current puprose). What it is clear in my mind is that trying to enforce the current cocos2d-and-subtags policy is impossible, due to the reasons I stated above. – Ricardo Sánchez-Sáez Aug 12 '13 at 9:10

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