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When you bring down the Stack Exchange Mini Mobile MultiCollider SuperDropdown, the profile image seems to be missing 2 lines of pixels on the top.

  • I can only reproduce this on the mobile version of Stack Overflow (couldn't see this on any other SE site).
  • I'm on a Galaxy S4 using chrome.
  • Screenshot was taken from my desktop viewing the mobile version.
  • I can now only reproduce this when using a Facebook profile picture. But the screenshot was taken while using a Gravatar image.
  • Once I switched away and back to Gravatar, it's images seem to work just fine - only Facebook images are affected.
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Oooh, 20k? Tell me there was cake... –  Bart Aug 21 '13 at 18:18
"20kake doesn't have the same ring to it..." - The missus –  Lix Aug 21 '13 at 18:28
Is it still happening after the topbar update? –  Sklivvz May 15 at 12:13
@Sklivvz - I can't reproduce this anymore, so no. In any case I've moved to the app - haven't been round to the mobile version in a while :) –  Lix May 15 at 12:29

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