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We should make (211 questions) a synonym of (4 questions).

To be extra clear: keep , the currently lesser used one.

They both appear to be asking about the same thing, and one question is tagged with both.

But why merge them that way around, if struts2-jquery is the most used?

Because Struts2 jQuery Plugin is its actual name. We generally don't put a -plugin suffix on tags about specific plugins, but we do put that suffix in the tag's name when it's actually part of the plugin's name - we also do it for and , among others.

It also clarifies this isn't just a plugin for jQuery (it's a Java plugin).

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In this case, this is not a jQuery plugin but a Struts2 plugin to use jQuery and there are several struts2-x-plugin (, , and so on).

So, maybe the first tag should remain.

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I agree with this so strongly I've actually completely edited my post to suggest we synonymise it this way around: keeping struts2-jquery-plugin and making the other its synonym. – doppelgreener Aug 21 '13 at 23:33

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