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Asking about ownCloud seems to be off-topic on WebApps, because it is not a generally public app.

What is the best place on the Stack Exchange network for questions about ownCloud?

Here is an example question:

How to synchronize contacts and calendar entries with an older Nokia Phone (that runs with the Symbian OS)? The phone uses SyncML as far as I can tell and I have also an exchange client installed, as an alternative.

OwnCloud seems not to support either of the protocols out of the box. Are there Extensions or Plugins for either ownCloud or my phone to make that work?

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I guess half of the time it would be their issue queue anyway ;) – Mołot Aug 23 '13 at 6:43
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Well, let's try it. If the question is about…

  • …setting up and managing OwnCloud. Maybe Server Fault, they have an owncloud-tag, but not very popular so I can't guarantee that they will accept these questions. Ask on their Meta. Also it is quite possible that Webmasters accepts those questions; again, ask first.

  • …usage of OwnCloud. Well, in theory Web Apps should accept those, but they explicitly exclude (self-)hosted stuff like WordPress, so they don't seem to do OwnCloud. Super User is definitely off-limits, and I don't see any other site which this might fit, so your best bet is to go to OwnCloud's own forums/IRC/similar.

  • …writing plugins for/extending OwnCloud. In theory, Stack Overflow, but asking the OwnCloud community directly would be a way better option.

Regarding your example, it is a question of the type "is there a software that does x?" and is not a good fit anywhere on Stack Exchange.

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