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On Drupal Answers, I was editing Create a slideshow. After I edited the question, I noticed there was a pending suggested edit; I looked to see if there could be any changes I missed, and that I could incorporate in my edit. Looking at the suggested edit, though, I found it was showing the differences between my edit and the suggested edits, not between the original text and the suggested edit.


The original text in fact is the following.

I want to have slideshow of a my custom content type **slideshow** .
my goal is something like below picture
![enter image description here][1]

which module I should use ?
I test views slideshow module but I didn't found settings for slider indicator ( tiny circles in picture) . 

**appreciate good and complete guide to create something like this.**

My edit is the following one.

I want to have a slideshow of a my custom content type (slideshow). My goal is getting something like the below picture.


Which module should I use?

I testes the [Views Slideshow][2] module, but I didn't find any settings for the slider indicator (those tiny circles on the bottom right corner in the screenshot). 

  [1]: http://i.stack.imgur.com/oaBm8.jpg
  [2]: https://drupal.org/project/views_slideshow

The suggested edit changes the previous revision of the post, and the shown difference should be between the suggested edit and the previous revision.

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