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As you can see in the attached screen shot, on my Nexus 4 the refresh spinner (progress bar) arrow ends gets cut off. I suspect the view is smaller than the image.

enter image description here

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I also noticed this and installed the sample app of the library that is used. I found the same behavior, so this bug in the library, not in the Stack Exchange app. – Matthias Robbers Nov 22 '13 at 15:53
Since this bug report, the pull to refresh behaviour has been changed and replaced with a different library. – doppelgreener Mar 25 '14 at 1:42
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We moved onto a new pull to refresh library which fixes this issue.

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This looks like it was caused by this commit in the PullToRefresh library. The refresh asset got cropped down to the exact bounds of the image, and since it's not square, it doesn't fit when rotated.

I've created updated assets that fix this that can be downloaded here. Either:

a) Merge these with the PullToRefresh library res folder

b) Put them in your project's local resources and set the ptrDrawable attribute on the PullToRefreshListView to reference them.

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