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I have downloaded the StackOverflow data dump and imported it into a Mysql DataBase. There were six XML files in the dump, so I created six tables, one for each XML file present in the dump. The tables are:

badges, comments, postHistory, posts, users, votes

But using the Data Explorer (, I could see the Data Explorer has more tables than that six mentioned above. Also, accordinly to the question (Database schema documentation for the public data dump and SEDE), the tables present in Data Explorer are:

posts, users, comments, badges, postFeedback, postHistory, postHistoryTypes, postTags, PostTypes, SuggestedEdits, SuggestedEditVotes, Tags, TagSynonyms, Votes, VoteTypes

I need to calcute some metrics related to suggestion of edits, that's why I need to access tables such as SuggestedEdits and SuggestedEditVotes. Can someone tell me why the public dump does not have that tables?

I need to perform an off line computation, that's why I need a data base locally stored in my computer and I can't access the on line Data Explorer.

Thanks in advance.

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My guess is that "No one's had time to update the data dump appropriately" is the reason. – Tim Stone Aug 27 '13 at 15:48

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