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I am trying to find all questions that meet certain criteria and contain Matlab in the title. My original attempt was this:

title:"matlab" -[matlab*] is:question closed:no answers:0

However, it turns out this does not contain all results, for example not the ones containing matlab: (with colon). After this I tried various things including:

title:"matlab*" -[matlab*] is:question closed:no answers:0

But the only way to find this result was by using a colon in the search query. As a result I don't know whether I am missing other results, for example with matlab- or MatlabToolbox in the title.

So my question is: Can we get all results containing a certain word in the title?

I have searched around for a while but have found mostly questions about using wildcards in tags. The closest I have come is this: Don't exclude results that have punctuation just because the query doesn't

However, this question is different as it recommends "keyword" to find "keyword{punctuation}", whilst I would expect it to work at least for "keyword{wildcard}"

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