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When I go to: It is very hard to find where the company pages section is. It would be nice to have the company pages link directly on the home page of the careers site.

I noticed only after you actually click on a company name do you see a separate tab for company pages. I just created a company page for the company I work at and tried to play the role of a regular end user. I went to the careers home page and wondered how from this page can I get to the company pages.

I know for the experienced stackoverflow folks it isn't hard to figure out. But for the n00bs it's a bit difficult to tell where to go.

My proposal to the careers team is to please add a button or link on the main page that gets to the company pages. I asked this here a long time ago:

Add direct link to company page in careers

But it really does not answer this question.

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@NickLarsen -Just a question, what does status-planned mean? Does it mean you guys expect to do this, you may do this, or its in some sort of plan to get it done? – JonH Sep 4 '13 at 19:30
for this specific feature, we have informal ideas (including a few mockups so it's not all talk) but I don't think it's on the schedule yet and I don't know when it will make it on the schedule. So to answer your question, we expect to do this. – Nick Larsen Sep 4 '13 at 20:58

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