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Question link: R, RandomForest, Windows, Mac, doSNOW, doMC, classes must be at least 2 error

Note that he seems to indicate he is willing to "reach an agreement" if there is any "requirement". Maybe is trying to hire someone... :-)

Is this a close case? Why?

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It should be closed, because:

  • It's unclear what's being asked.
  • It appears to be soliciting folks to test some software rather than asking for help with a programming problem.
  • It doesn't include any concrete details about the problem being encountered (if there is one).

Any one of these would be problematic; the combination is just really bad. The asker needs to sit down and focus on solving one problem at a time. Also, he might need a Mac.

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Migrate to getamac.stackexchange.com? :-) – Ferdinand.kraft Sep 20 '13 at 23:31

IMO, it should be closed.

Why? He's not asking anything. Here's the text of the question:

I am new to R so sorry if its something obvious. I've got this R code which is meant to be run with MAC because of parallelization package. I tried to change from doMC to doSNOW but it didn't run properly.

  • Could you please try it with MAC and see if the code is working?
  • Could you please try out the Windows version I've attempted to convert
  • If possible please make it work in Windows because I don't own a Mac =(

The link is [here], in my shared dropbox.

It should be closed for these reasons:

  • It's unclear - no code is provided, and there's no specific issue to look for
  • It's asking for testing, not for help with a specific problem
  • Even if testing were OK here (it's not), there still isn't a specific issue to look for - it 'just doesn't run properly'.
  • The 'if possible please make it work in' is simply wrong. It should be closed as Too Broad just for this.
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