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Original SEDE account ID: 6306
Newly added account ID: 11949

Please allow my Stack Exchange OpenID on account 6306, and discard/merge account 11949.

MyOpenID is not working anymore for the Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE), even though it is theoretically available until February, 2014.

So, I logged in via my Stack Exchange, OpenID account -- but it created a new SEDE account for me instead of using my old one.


  1. There is still no provision for automatic, or user-driven merging of SEDE accounts.
  2. The normal Support contact for merging accounts does not accept profiles.

It seems the only recourse we have for merging SEDE accounts is to post on Meta? And, the Meta post technique has worked before for this.

Also, is there an update on the previously linked status request?

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As I was trying to say before (previous version of this question was deleted); what about I thought an email was the fastest way to get merging done – Richard Tingle Sep 22 '13 at 8:37
P.s. both of your point 2 links 404 – Richard Tingle Sep 22 '13 at 8:38
@RichardTingle, Fixed the one stale link; all others still work. And no, for any other site, you would use the Help Center contact (linked in the Q). But there is not one for SEDE. – Awesome Poodles Sep 22 '13 at 9:39

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