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Recently, I have seen "This answer was flagged as low-quality because of its length and content." in the review queue. It was a self answer posted few days ago. Self answers are usually relevant and really answers the question. The one I'm talking about was, but it was also so short that it wasn't clear. "But I know what I mean" situation, surely salvageable.

I wasn't knowledgeable enough to edit. It was too good to recommend deletion, but not good enough to click "looks good". And it was the only answer, so deleting it would hide the only hint from future visitors.

I think that by commenting to the author I did the right thing, and I don't really despair at one review lost on my way to the badge, but I just wonder - are situations like this so rare, that it isn't worth it to count a comment as a review in this queue?

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I agree that "looks good" is unimaginably poor wording – Richard Tingle Oct 3 '13 at 16:06
@RichardTingle I'm not saying it is ;) It was the first time it got me confused after months of access to the queue. So maybe that's not really a bad wording, but atypical situation? One situation in dozens might be not worth rewording a button. – Mołot Oct 3 '13 at 17:58
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The very low quality queue is there to delete the very lowest quality of content. From that queue "looks good" simply means, "this isn't so bad that it should be deleted". It doesn't mean, "this is a great post". You can both downvote a post and "looks good" it in the queue, if it's bad, but not bad enough that you think it should be deleted.

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Good enough explanation, I guess. – Mołot Oct 3 '13 at 15:59

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