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According to this answer once had over 400 questions and now there are none. It looks like the tag was burninated at some point. Can we also burn the equally useless and ?

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Hmm... Two down-votes so far and no commentary, so I'll toss my opinion in on the off-chance that folks agree/disagree.

I don't feel strongly about - yes, the non-plural version was removed, but so far as I can tell it's usually actually used to refer to... well... quadrilateral shapes with four right angles.

is a bit more problematic, since it's the name of a data type on many platforms. Which would be fine, except there are a lot of different structures with the exact same name - oh, and it also seems to be used to refer to in some cases, and in one case was used by someone determined to put spaces in an API function name.

I recommend leaving and removing .

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