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When using Ctrl+L to create a link, the prompt says:

Insert Hyperlink "optional title"

If you actually enter enter something with a title, though, it thinks the "optional title" is part of the URL. You get this in your markdown:

[link text][1]

  [1]: "optional title"

Instead of the expected:

[optional title][1]

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Your expectations are wrong :P – perbert Sep 3 '09 at 19:01
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  [1]: "title"

Link is the text of the link, and optional title works well both on the preview and on the posted answer.

"optional title" is the text that goes on the title tag, not inside the <a href=""></a>.

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I can duplicate this - Firefox, Chrome, and IE on Windows XP.

Edit: As voyager pointed out, we're just not looking at the right thing. It's the title, not the link text. I attempted to change my vote, but alas! It is too late.

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