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Today, I reviewed the following suggested edit:


The editor removed the xcode tag in this edit. I approved the edit. But on the next reviews, the same user also removed the xcode tag on different questions.

Can I approve the review? Because if I approve it, the user will think to remove the tag for all question for edit...

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Retagging improperly tagged questions is generally an acceptable use of edits. However, we want to make sure that users are improving posts when they retag.

If a few edits are simply retags, it's passable (though it's still very much appreciated if you improve the post). However, if the user is editing a slew of posts, they should really be improving the post.

If you see a user retagging more than just a few posts, I highly recommended improving the post yourself, and marking the edit as unhelpful when you submit. You may also simply reject the edit as too minor, or give a custom reason.

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Thank for guidelines – Tamil Selvan Oct 6 '13 at 6:37

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