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I would like to obtain posts that are NOT IN the search results of an initial search, working similarly to the manner in which NOT IN is used in SQL.

Currently, the search can only return all the posts that I don't want to identify, not the results I want to identify.

The reason I want this feature is to help clean up a beta Stack Exchange site.

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Though it is undocumented, many of the google tips & tricks work with the standard SO search.

For instance, let's say I want to search for all question on SO, I get 5.9 million results.

There are 500k questions with the word 'test' in them, but I don't want those questions.

So I search for is:question -test and get 5.4 million results.

The ones I know and use are:

  • - to exclude words
  • 5..6 to designate a range (or ..5 for less than, or 5.. for more than)
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