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There's currently a lot of mistagging and overlap related to (and ), and .

The goal:

  • should be used to refer to questions specific to BSTs (not binary trees in general)
  • should be used to refer to non-BST binary trees.
  • should be used to refer to non-binary trees.
  • should not be used to refer to binary trees at all.

My reasoning:

  • All BSTs are binary trees, so tagging a question with both and or is redundant.
  • Similarly, all binary trees are trees, thus using both and is redundant.
  • currently refers to binary numbers, it should not be used for binary trees as well.

Useful searches:

(there's probably a bit of overlap in the above searches and they may not be 100% exact)

Not all of the questions in these results are necessarily bad - some questions may ask about both binary trees and trees in general, or about differences between the different types.

Additional notes:

Note that because the question is asking about a BST doesn't mean it's specific to a BST - finding the depth of a BST is the same as finding the depth of regular binary tree, thus should be used there, not .

And there are plenty of questions that say binary tree (and probably many that are also tagged as such) but actually mean BST.

Ideally all questions tagged with , and should be reviewed.

There issue is likely to creep up again. It might be wise to put a note in each of the tag excerpts. And perhaps rename (any suggestions?).

I've already done a fair amount of retagging with regard to this.

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It's a valiant effort, but for little benefit. – Robert Harvey Oct 21 '13 at 0:01
@RobertHarvey It might not be high on the list of things that needs to be done, but it's still on the list. binary -> binary-tree is probably the most significant part of this. – Dukeling Oct 21 '13 at 0:31

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