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I was searching for posts with Tag but seems like due to tag synonyms handling, all posts with are displayed.

Search URL

I have following questions
1. How to find questions with
2. In my profile, both tags, patterns, and design-patterns are displayed. Why both are displayed (and not the main one)?

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That is how the system is supposed to work.

They are made synonyms because it's agreed that A means the exact same thing as B.

If they decided to keep only A and threw away B, then anything that would have been tagged B would be tagged A.

The end result being, you would still see the exact same subset of questions. The only thing that has changed is that you know about it.

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Other thing that has changed is that even though the same posts are shown for all the tag synonyms, but not the same score. – Tilak Oct 25 '13 at 14:23

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