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I was writing a query that involves calculating all reputation gained and lost by

  • my question being upvoted (+5),
  • my question being downvoted (-2),
  • my answer being upvoted (+10),
  • my answer being downvoted (-2),
  • my answer being accepted (+15),
  • me upvoting someone's question (0) (NOT EXPOSED),
  • me downvoting someone's question (0) (NOT EXPOSED),
  • me upvoting someone's answer (0) (NOT EXPOSED),
  • me downvoting someone's answer (-1) (Exposed?),
  • me accepting someone's answer (+2).

As I understand, Votes.UserId is kept NULL (i.e. not exposed) except for VoteTypeId = 5 (i.e. favorites, which are exposed). However, being logged in, is it possible to get SEDE to return data regarding my votes? (If not, would this be a feasible feature request—exposing Votes.UserId for the user that's logged in?)

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No, you can't get your own votes. –  juergen d Nov 5 '13 at 10:14
I think data explorer and stack exchange log ins are seperate, so logging in as "you" is not sufficient as its not the same you –  Richard Tingle Nov 5 '13 at 10:21

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It is not exported in the Data Explorer, but you can see them from your own profile:

$SITEURL/users/{id}/?tab=votes&sort=downvote // to fetch the posts you have downvoted
$SITEURL/users/{id}/?tab=votes&sort=upnvote // to fetch the posts you have upvoted

For you, the {id} will be 925913 on Stack Overflow.

There is no other way (as far as I'm aware) for you to get this data for someone else.

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Thanks! I guess I'll have to calculate the rep lost on downvotes manually. –  Andrew Cheong Nov 5 '13 at 20:06

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