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I'm registered on SuperUser, but not active - this is because most of my effort goes in other sites and because I'm pretty darned proficient as a computer user.

However I needed to post a question. But when I went to add a tag (specifically ) I violated this validation rule:

enter image description here

Honestly, I get it. I know the pain involved when you let people create tags willy-nilly. I'm not asking for über privileges based on rep gained on other sites.

But surely it would be smart user experience to gauge my combined reputation1, transparently (to me) accept the tag, but treat the new tag as a suggestion and place it into a review queue on that site?

If the tag makes it through the review queue then I will be eligible for a taxonomist badge. Having a low site reputation doesn't mean I can't think up good tags, it should simply dictate how that tag creation proceeds.

Note that this is a user experience oriented question, I'm not looking to get pedantic over the actual tag (technically it should be microsoft-live-id, but that isn't in use either) - I'm more interested in having the tag treated as a proposal and reviewed rather than outright rejected.

1 Looking at just raw aggregated rep won't be totally useful, I could just be a user with the 101 association rep on 20 different sites. Instead the algorithm should consider whether the user has a good level of reputation in at least one other site and/or whether the user is a ♦ moderator on another site.

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