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I was editing a question during the review and I'm having troubles formatting this code: can anyone tell me how to do it? The code is not shown in the question body!


  • Added this to my masterpage:


You can see that the code is not shown!

This is the hard-copied code:

First line: <%: Scripts.Render("~/js/mainJS.js") %>

Second line:<%: Styles.Render("~/css/mainStyle.min.css") %>


The question I was editing is this one: Bundling css and javascript with webforms

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Instead of putting them in blockquotes ">" put them in code block by prefixing them with 4 spaces.

<%: Scripts.Render("~/js/mainJS.js") %>

<%: Styles.Render("~/css/mainStyle.min.css") %>

When putting them after list, you have ot prefix them by 8 spaces. (4 spaces is the indent of the list block, then 4 more ot specify code block)

  • list

    <%: Scripts.Render("~/js/mainJS.js") %>
    <%: Styles.Render("~/css/mainStyle.min.css") %>
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That was the trick! I tried with 4 spaces but not with 8. Great! :) Thanks. – Andrea Nov 12 '13 at 14:35

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