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I believe it will be faster to search a potential employee by targeting the job add to him.

If someone looking for a job passively and he opens a particular question to see the answer in stackoverflow, then chances are more that ad being viewed if it is related to him.

i.e. If I am looking at question related to WCF (i.e. TAG with WCF,.NET ...) then there are more chances that I click on the job if it is related to the TAG of questions WCF not RUBY! (this is just an example)

I think so it is fairly straightforward to achieve this and will be more fruitful when there will be more jobs on the stackoverflow job-board.

Same thing can be looked for other ads around stackoverflow.

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This is really a request for Fog Creek.

At the very least, Fog Creek should be geolocating the IP.

We could pass them the tags from the page (if any) as that might be less narrow than Random City, Random Country.

However, I suspect there aren't quite enough job listings (I mean, you'd need thousands and thousands) to make this kind of targetting worthwhile.

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They could try to find a relevant ad, and then server a random ad if there were no good matches from the first query. – Joel Coehoorn Jul 21 '09 at 0:26

Could you pass them the set of interesting tags I have, that would help I think.

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