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I just checked the tag wiki and it's all about the Common Language Runtime and C#/VB.net.

Even though the term was coined by Microsoft for the CLR and related languages, I would argue that the term managed is more generic than that, as also Java is a "managed" language, as well as (arguably) script languages such as Python.

Would edits of the tag-wiki to make it more generalized be welcome? Especially considering it's pretty established with over 550 questions marked with the tag.

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+1 for asking before going and editing, personally I think you should check the existing questions; if many of them are about other meanings then yes it's worth mentioning this in the wiki. – Shadow Wizard Nov 19 '13 at 15:52
its not always about what the keyword on tag means - it's how to use it within the context of SO which is a programming oriented site. So a blender couldn't relate to a blender – user221081 Nov 19 '13 at 15:55
Sounds like a meta-ish question that should be burned. Do you have any examples where its use is appropriate to the question? – Won't Nov 19 '13 at 15:57
@mehow your link gives "Redirect Notice" warning. :( – Shadow Wizard Nov 19 '13 at 16:11
@ShaWizDowArd pictures! @ google.co.uk/search?q=blender – user221081 Nov 19 '13 at 16:13
All the languages you mention are similar in having a runtime but only .Net has documentation saying managed – Mark Nov 19 '13 at 16:17
I'm not fond of these general words that are co-opted to mean something more specific. They're always trouble. Can we change it to managed-code? – Robert Harvey Nov 19 '13 at 16:49

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